Saturday January 16th 2021

Why Doesn’t the Church Change It’s Stance on Some Social Issues?

The Christianity is a revealed religion, meaning that it is designed, guided and revealed by God.  The Church can never change its teaching on things such as the Trinity, the Sacraments, ever Virginity of Mary, and the Resurrection of Jesus…  Humans cannot change any teaching that the Church states are revealed to them by God.  Social pressures are irrelevant to the discussion because man cannot change what God has revealed.  The way the Church reacts to changes in society is to clarify and explaining their teaching based on the Gospel and revelations.  Gods teaching on faith and morality are unchanging.    People often get confused at how the Church can make rule changes, for example, no longer saying the mass only in Latin.  This is because the Church also has Cannon Law.  Cannon Law is rules of actions not teachings of faith and morals.    Cannon Law can change.  Teachings of faith and morality can not change.

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