Sunday May 31st 2020

Why Don’t Catholics Eat Meat on Fridays?

Abstaining from meat on Friday, especially during Lent is an act of penance and a way for us to remember and reflect on God.  The ultimate goal is to get closer to God.

From the Penitential Practices for Today’s Catholics, it says that “By fasting and self-denial, by living lives of moderation, we have more energy to devote to God’s purposes and a better self-esteem that helps us to be more concerned with the well being of others.  Voluntary fasting from food creates in us a greater openness to God’s Spirit and deepens our compassion for those who are forced to go without food.  The discomfort brought about by fasting unites us to the suffering of Christ.  Fasting should bring to mind the suffering of all those for whom Christ suffered”  (Copyright 2001, United States Catholic Conference, Inc, Washington DC).

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2 Responses to “Why Don’t Catholics Eat Meat on Fridays?”

  1. Carlos says:

    Is abstaining from meat on Fridays during Lent something we have to do (mandatory) or something voluntary?

  2. Sherly says:

    of course catlohics and lutherans have the lowest divorce rates, they are willing to sacrifice there happieness and their children’s (sometimes)happieness. I agree people shouldnt get divorced, but if ur fighting everyday its in the best interest of the child to have a divorce.

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